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Final Participants List of Get-Togethers-O III

Hello ladies and gentlemen, at last I finalise the participanting list for Get-Togethers-O III (5 June 2011). Sorry for make you wait long. Again, this result is based on random picker, NOT manually selected from me.

To photog, please contact me to confirm your attendance as soon as possible. Thank you.

1. Sheryn Sim
2. Shereen 抒颖
3. Simmie
4. Rachel Soh

Or read the result here:

Note: The "????" in the list is 다니엘숀, this website do not support this language =)


Anonymous said...

lol....nowaday u so changgih d...using randompicker machine to draw participants...good idea ya~~wakaka..

Chun Ming said...

haha, had this idea because a lot people want join but no chance at all because they are not as active as other members in facebook. random pick will be more fair to them.

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