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Get-Togethers-O III (5 June 2011)

Date : 5 June 2011 (Sunday)
Time : 8.30am - 11.30am
Location: Taman Maluri Abandoned House
Outfit: Casual Fashion

FB Event Page:

The rule is still same, all are welcome to participate in this free shooting event. I will try to fix the model to photographer ratio with 1:3/4 so that every participant have the chance to shoot. Estimated to get 3-4 models.

Volunteer models and any photographers that are interested please email me your name and contact.

Again, you might know kopi-O and teh-O etc, but now we have Get-Togethers-O..!!
What is Get-Togethers-O? It is a photoshoot-dating between photogs and models that is non-commercial, not about money, no politic, not for anything except HOBBY..!!

Any enquiries please drop your message in my website I AM MODEL or facebook page (

In order to give chance to more people, choosing of attending photog will be different this time. Whoever interested to join please register at here or through email, I will assign a no. to all of you. By next week (before the shooting date) I will choose the qualified attending photog by random picker. Mean now you need some luck to attend this event =)


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