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Get-Togethers-O (9 Jan 2011)

Date : 9 January 2011
Time : 8.30am – 11.30am
Location: Lake Garden
Outfit: Casual Fashion

You knew kopi-O and teh-O etc, but now we have Get-Togethers-O..!!
What is Get-Togethers-O? It is a photoshoot-dating between photogs and models that is non-commercial, not about money, no politic, not for anything except HOBBY..!!

All are welcome to participate in this free shooting event. I will try to fix the model to photographer ratio with 1:3 so that every participant have the chance to shoot. Estimated to get 3-4 models. After shooting session we can have lunch together or whatever but all fee is covered by your own.

Volunteer models and any photographers that are interested please email me your name and contact.

Any enquiries please drop your message in
my website I AM MODEL or facebook page (

Thank you.

(updated on 27 Dec 2010)
Model list:
1. Zhi Wei
2. Freda
3. Erika
4. Hollie

1. Benson Yin
2. Kel Lee
3. Alvin
4. Cheng Jay Tsen
5. Kinkikids
6. KCee KUa
7. Anson Ong
8. Vincent Lee
9. Nicholas Leong
10. Jordan Toh
11. Ng Kar Fei
12. Michael Hoo
13. Raymond


tangkh said...

Add me Photog:- tangkh

Anonymous said...

organizer of this event is extremely not professional.

i dont care whether will you delete this comment, but that speaks how you organize an event and how you treat others.

Chun Ming said...

yes i am not professional.
i am willing to listen more from u =)

hope to get your reply

Anonymous said...

None of the listed name in your blog appear in photo malaysia forum, really not professional
1. Joedaniel
2. analyzer_mike
3. LG & YS
4. DinCK
5. Jusoh (book first)
6. Kiddo (also book 1st)
7. Ervin Noordin

Chun Ming said...

haha, because no photomsia member included so mean not professional? lol...

i open this shoot to all, first come first serve those leave me email n contact..
i never bonded to photomsia..
thanks for following =)

Anonymous said...

not the literal professional, it's how you you being do not selectively reply, and most importantly check your event page frequently, which you have not done so to be professional.

My point of view of the stated professionalism is not what you meant like being listed in malaysia forum, what i meant was your attitude, though it could be due to lack of experience ( since you have stated that it's your first event, but i certainly hope you will constantly check your wall for any upcoming event(s)for any request on being a model or a photographer, because being selective ignorance is not a good example which will spoil your fan page's reputation, and no body wants that.

and most importantly, you dont want more people like me to rant like this all the time.

Chun Ming said...

how you know what i did at the back? do you how many request i received on the first few days? lol... haha...

who about you try to organize one? maybe u are the experienced one and i am willing to learn from u =)

"and most importantly, you dont want more people like me to rant like this all the time."
=> i do not mind you post this thing anywhere, even on my page... lol..

thinking on what you said.. 10q.

Anonymous said...

uh-uh? what's these???
I admire people like you Chun Ming, uhm....bcoz you can help other people to show their to build their confidence...
wish to see you one of these day...

Chun Ming said...

haha... if u think like this, u should leave ur name here or drop a hi in my facebook page.
in fact, nothing need to feel admire here... lol...

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